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Hello from Miss Hunter

Miss Amy Hunter, the "Atom Bomb" of the Domination and Discipline scene, puts her occasional coherent (though more often not) thoughts into writing. Often NSFW. If you are not legally allowed to view adult content then please go and look at cats on YouTube instead. Ta.


VIOLATE – Pegging / Strap on Extravaganza!

Chaps who are seeking the ULTIMATE in debauched rogering by 5 ladies are in for one hell of an exclusive treat.

Violate Banner to hotlink

Raven-haired beauties Mistress Absolute and Goddess Cleo are running this as a joint promo, and are joined by Amazonian Miss Mighty and legendary strap-on specialist Ms Tytania   – (and ME! )- for some serious tag-team action.

4 guys. 4 slings. 5 ladies. LOADS of cocks. Onslaught of ass-violation!


This event will be in LONDON on the 24th of August, and there are 3 times to choose from:

2.30pm / 4.30pm / 7pm

Strictly limited to 4 guys per time slot, and a really incredible opportunity to explore the depths of your… depravity!



Scotland Sessions!

It’s been a while since I offered any sessions over the border; truth be told, I tend to get a larger number of time-wasters than genuine enquiries whenever I decide I’ll make myself available for the auld hometown. I have no idea why, but it’s a touch off-putting, as I’m sure you can imagine!

As such, I am offering very limited spaces in Glasgow AND Edinburgh this trip, all in proper,  discrete dungeon/fetish venues.
An advanced, deductible deposit will be required to secure your session. 


I will be able to cater for those in need of a good spanking/tawsing/caning, as well as the foot fetish fans, face-sitting seekers, and in fact all activities listed on my website. If you are unsure whether your particular fantasy or play preference is an option, and it isn’t listed on the “No” list on my site, then drop me a line.


Glasgow I will have some time on the 14th and the 19th of AUGUST

Edinburgh I will have time on the 16th, 17th and 18th, and possibly the 8th AUGUST (if you REALLY pique my sadistic and creative interests!)

Go to my website, have a good browse, and then get in touch if you’d like to experience some Hunter!


Burns’ Beatings, tawses & availability

Happy new Rear/Year, chaps!



As those of you who follow my Twitter account will have seen, I treated myself to a new XH tawse from my favourite maker, M C Customs, and with Burns’ Night fast approaching, am going to be offering a selection of my 30 minute sessions for those wanting a no-nonsense punishment, on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th January.
Poetry recital is optional, although if you are in to either humiliation or perfectionism, I’d thoroughly recommend getting me to set you one of my preferred Rabbie Burns pieces for you to deliver in a delightful dialect.


Why do I love the tawse so much? Well. For one thing, it’s a darn sight easier to transport around. My main two-tail tawse is lovely and supple now (it’s been used a LOT!) and rolls up beautifully into my handbag.


I don’t have particular issues carrying my canes around; (other than it being a bit of a logistical ballache, and praise be for venues with a good cane selection) indeed, I’ve been asked “what’s in the long bag?” several times. I’ve also had to openly carry some around, which wasn’t planned, nor ideal, but still fine:


(Oops… The above was from a train journey in which I was carrying that bag and another of the same size that was filled with new vibes, dildos and cuffs, gifted by a friend who was emigrating. The latter bag was, of course, the one that fell off the train seat. I never did manage to retrieve one of the buttplugs that had rolled under a family’s seat. Awkward…)

But a tawse is super portable, and effective too. Often chaps familiar with the feel and fear of the cane are unprepared for how devastating a proper hand-tawsing is.

Facing me, having to look into my eyes, whilst the tawse hangs down behind my shoulder. Being warned for flinching when I feint a stroke. Having to proffer your hand aloft, physically holding it out for the punishment. There’s no escape.

And not just hands, of course: I do proper, laid-flat, tawsing on the bottom when space permits. (If it doesn’t, I am more than capable of delivering an equally firm stroke on the swing, both fore and backhand.)
Then of course, there’s the Ring Of Fire. You, standing with hands on head and pants pulled down. Me, delivering strokes to the front of the thighs, the sides, the backs, and so on. Mean, and very effective.



As mentioned in the title, my availability is slightly different during the next 6 weeks or so. I will not be able to book advance sessions as readily, and, for a change, you are going to be better asking 2-3 days in advance of your ideal date, rather than a week.
I will have very limited availability from mid February to Early March, so if you were planning on getting your New Year Treat to yourself booked, move quickly!

Santa Subby

Santa Subby, kneel under the table by me, you’ll see…

Will you be a good boy, Santa Subby? Now open up your chimney tonight.

Santa Subby, a 54 stroke caning for you, it’s due…

Get that pecker up dear, Santa Subby, I’m stretching out your chimney tonight.

Think of how I’ve never missed. Think of all the other guys on whom I’ve pissed. Next year I’ll be pushing you, to open up and take my fist.

(doo doo bee doo)

Santa Subby, push out your bot; this spanking is not a lot. Far less than you deserve, Santa Subby. I’m thrusting down your chimney tonight.

Ain’t it funny? That little thing I really don’t need, you weed, even though it’s all mine, little subby, so watch me take a real cock tonight.

Santa Subby, straighten up my stocking seams next, I’ll check. I want perfect straight lines, Santa Subby, or else I’ll burn your chimney tonight.

Come and get over my knee. I’ll give you the spanking that you really need. I really do believe in you, but let’s see if you can really plead.

(doo doo bee doo)

Santa Subby, forgot to mention one little thing; your ring. Yes I mean your slut arse, Santa Subby, so open up that chimney tonight….



(due apologies to Eartha Kitt)






Devastating Detention deviance!


Due to continuing disappointing behaviour from errant pupils, Miss Hunter has space set aside in her diary for detentions in her study in Central London.

30 minute detentions: A proper Short Sharp Shock. No nonsense, no messing about!

Exceptional miscreants can commence the detention with six-of-the-best, cold, on a bare bottom over the school horse. Those who are (ever so slightly) less deserving of such harsh treatment will get a good spanking, strapping, paddling and then a caning.

One Hour Detentions: A broader detention experience for young men and ladies who benefit from extra punishment such as writing lines, corner-time, being scolded, and sitting the test they cheated on that got them into this kerfuffle in the first place. Also, of course, longer punishment!

Contact Miss Hunter’s secretary using the email

secretary @ hellomisshunter . com

(remove the spaces)

Awesome Autumn Action!

Season of Mist(resse)s and mellow fruitfulness!

(sorry, Keats. I do love you really.)

Yes, the nights are drawing in again, and we’re all digging out the winter warmers. Thankfully my right arm is more than ready to dish out some seriously hard spanking to heat your deserving behinds up!

Firstly, Slayers news: as I limit these parties to 9 gents maximum, they do tend to get booked up. Our September 16th party with Spanking Sarah, Katerina Krieger and Rebekka Raynor is full (although you are welcome to go on the waiting list!) but as several chaps missed the beatings boat, I took pity and added an EXTRA DATE with a different line up of ladies, on Thursday October 22nd. The infamous HUNTERESS will attend this party, along with the brilliant and sexy Jadie Reece – this is what she treated us to at the last party!


Booking is now open for the October party, so get in quickly to take advantage of this treat!

Visit the site (not updated with the October info yet) to book in!

Second news: my last Glasgow trip had to be postponed, so I will now be there on SEPTEMBER 30th only, for very limited sessions. Apply ASAP: a deductible deposit will be required to secure a booking due to a number of previous timewasters.

See my website as usual for FAQ, full info, and genuine, recent reviews.


Glasgow sessions/ Travel.


I mean, really; how could one so sweet and innocent-looking be such a horrendous sadist?

It’s a mystery.

Anyway, yes, I am indeed going to be offering a few very limited sessions in Glasgow on August the 26th/27th.

Folk who have been emailing in the last 18 months to ask when I’m next there, this is your cue.

As you all know, I am based in London, and no longer travel as frequently, so take this opportunity to see me. I will be very selective about who I see – make sure your email to me is appropriate, respectful and reasonably detailed.

Have a wee gander on my website if you need further guidance, there’s a fairly helpful FAQ there. There’s also several genuine reviews from very happy gents that I’ve met with.

For those outside of Glasgow/London, emailing me when I will travel to their city specifically to session:

When I’m in London, I would estimate that around 55-60% of the chaps who experience sessions with me are not Greater London based. Of that number, about half are not based in England, and of those brilliant gents, about two thirds fly over from Europe especially to see me.

It’s hugely flattering, and I very much appreciate the fantastic efforts of all who make the time in both their lives and their selves to visit me and experience my personal approach to sessions. But it also makes sense; when you’ve found your ideal professional in many sectors, you know that it’s worth the extra bit of travel/hassle to ensure you get what you need.
My dentist is located 3 hours away. I still go to him because he’s brilliant.
My hairdresser lives on the coast. I know that I could save the train fare and the full day I’d lose seeing her by popping to the salon that is 5 minutes away. But I learned that lesson the hard way…

Of course; sessions are HUGE luxuries for most people. I’d say it is quite natural for someone to be reticent about taking the plunge and adding a train/bus/plane ticket or car journey to the cost of the play, especially when the professional they are going to see is someone they haven’t met before.
I’d hope, with 10+ years of experience in both lifestyle and professional capacity, that my reputation precedes me. Many people on the CP forums that are still dotted about in the depths of the internet know or have met me, so anyone seeking a non-biased character reference could start there.

[insert moment in which Miss H has a Haribo rush and realises the infected insect bite on her leg might be courting rambling]

Summary! I think the main point to be gleaned from above is that a) I am visiting Glasgow and b) I am awesome and very much worth it. Rather like L’Oreal, but not in the mass-produced, glossy bimbo way.


Three wenches, one goblet.


First Rule of “Writing to Dommes” Club: “Don’t be a dick.”

Second Rule of “Writing to Dommes” Club: “Do not be a dick. (or send a picture of one)”

Third Rule of “Writing to Dommes” Club is: “Don’t pretend to be another Domme. Especially if you’re a sub bloke.”

We should note here that there are *many* other rules in this club. I’m merely interrupting the list.

So, this morning I received an email at 5am from a “Mistress Diana”. Immediate fond thoughts of The People’s Princess were put aside when I read the message:

Hello Mistress Hunter

I was wondering if  you would be interested in doing a 24/7  ,2 week session with 3 of my famous clients  they are willing to pay you whatever wage you ask for each and take you shopping after they are done , the highest privacy and secrecy is  required due to there status as very well known people 

they said that they want to be dominated and used as slaves  forced to worship you in anyway you choose and   be worked non stop until exhaustion  

there limits are  no blood , piss, poo, unsafe sex, animals , children and  being exposed in public 


 Mistress Diana

Now then. It’s not often that another Domme that I don’t know (and have never heard of) emails out of the blue to offer such an opportunity. I do doubles with many other ladies, and on occasion have a referral from another Domme, but to send not one but three clients in one go? For two solid weeks? Well now, I’d be insane to pass up this opportunity.

Or, at least, to pass up the opportunity to tag this chap along a little.

Here’s my reply:

Hello Mistress Diana

Thank you for writing. What an unusual request!

Where would you be proposing a 2 week session would be held?


Miss Hunter

I mean; seriously now. Venue booking often involves tweaks to fit around another booking, or changing the time entirely. To book longer than an overnight is nigh-on impossible in the more popular venues.

I get an almost immediate reply. Mistress Diana is keen. And typing with one hand.

firstly thanyou for replying Mistress Hunter  ,

the 3 women want it held at your dungeon if thats ok and home

No, thanyou, Diana. I’ll take my AirBnB listing down now. Seems I’ve got a potential booking.

Hello again Mistress Diana

Three women? Goodness, that is something that doesn’t happen very often. I don’t suppose any of them are attractive? It’s a real bore when slaves are ugly, I’m sure you understand.

Obviously fitting three women into my home for 2 weeks would cause issues with the HMO regulation. I’m guessing you’ve seen them before for this kind of session? How did you get around it?


Miss Hunter

Around about now, I was expecting this dude to realise I was baiting and give up. Nope.

well i   have a very big place and it was sper secret so no one knew and  i made sure no one really visited me 

they are 3 actresses  and all 3 are very very beautiful  

>my clients would  like to ask 3 questions first if that is ok

>they would like to know a few thngs like how will they be worked and used by you?

>how do you want them dressed   in detail including collars jewellery and  shoes and do you want ?>their nails done?

>how much is the 24/7 over 2 weeks sesion going to cost them each?

OOh! Three actresses! What are the chances?!628x471

This is splendid; he’s trying to prep his jerking off so much that he’s resorted to a cut & paste of another mail he’s written (presumably to someone who actually replied seriously to him. Slightly terrifying. Either that or there’s another blog out there with this exchange on it.)

I decide to call him on it and see what happens:

Hello Mistress Diana

That’s really fortunate. Where are you based?

I’m so pleased they’re very very beautiful. What a relief! To tell the truth I would have been fine if they were just very beautiful, but this is excellent news.

This is a little delicate, but I think your email programme might have a little bug or something, as that looks a bit like a quote from another email that’s slipped in there. 

You know how us Mistresses are sticklers for perfection: I’m sure you didn’t mean to let that happen!

Miss Hunter

I mean; could you read that as someone not taking the piss?

Apparently so.

ohh yeah i did see that  sorry that happened  ,

well once you see the women you will know who they are   i mean everyone knows them, 

is it possible to answer there questions

Everyone knows them. Everyone. Dude, you’re talking to the woman who managed to blank the Dalai Lama. I think you need to reconsider how well I recognise “famous” people…

Obviously I’ve neatly skirted over the wank-fodder questions these hot young ladies are asking because I’m coy/a total bitch. I figure I’m going to have to give him something though, so:

Hello again Mistress Diana

You are very informal in emails. I guess it must be because you’re talking to a fellow mistress. You didn’t let me know where you were based – it would be super if you were local.

It’s so lucky that three successful actresses have diary space for 2 full weeks off. I assume it’s because their production schedules all fit in really well?

In terms of their dress, obviously they would be naked.

Hope you can shed some more light on this!


Miss Hunter

Come on, dude, there’s no way you can talk your way out of the diary scheduling thing. It’s hard enough to synchronise diaries to set up an hour-long double domme session, for Christs’ sake.

Undeterred, the Goddess of the hunt keeps striking out:

Hello Miss Hunter  ,

sure well yes because were both Mistresses and  female i feel comfortable talking to you this way if you are unhappy i will be more  formal  so to speak  now they made space pior to their  schedules  so it is no problem fot hem to spend 2 weeks with you  , how much will your session cost ? and  what will you do with them when they are there with you  ?

 Mistress Diana

Jesus man, get your hand out of your pants. What will I do with them? Probably talk to them about why their acting career is connected to the schedules of two other actresses who are (presumably, in this highly realistic scenario) not working on the same production.

Hello Mistress Diana

Thank you – yes, both of us being female is great. It makes such a difference, us girls being able to chat!

So where is it that you are based? It feels a bit like you’re ignoring my questions but wanting me to answer yours. I hope not!

Once I know how much space they’ve left to arrange this two weeks, and where in the country they are travelling from, I can tell you what costs would be. 

Miss Hunter

Finally he realises that leaving an open-ended time period in the equation is really not helping the whole “famous actress” situation be in any way believable:

hello Mistress Hunter

i am very sorry oh sorry  i did not mean to be rude Mistress Hunter i am based in Birmingham , they have already made there time frame available which is from the 9th of march to the 22 of march  


Mistress Diana

Bless. I decide I’m now getting a bit bored of this, so pen my final response, fully assuming he’ll realise I’m very soundly taking the piss.

Hello Mistress Diana

That is quite alright, you don’t need to grovel – after all, you are a fellow Mistress!

Birmingham! You must know Mistress Rouge then? I haven’t seen her for a few years. Please send her my best.

Unfortunately I’m not quite sure about that time frame as I have to get my chimney re-lined on the 13th, and I cannot let the men do it on their own, as the last time they unplugged the terrarium and the Triffid got hugely out of control. I suppose I could have the 3 women round that day to assist with things, but I don’t know if they have any previous experience of large Terrariums?


Miss Hunter

I mean. In fairness, I could have been more blunt about it, but I needed a touch of the surreal at some point just to make it worth my while.

Naturally, “Mistress Diana” didn’t get the hint though:

hello Mistress Hunter

i  will give her your best, oh well if it is a bad day maybe you can do  it a different 2 weeks after your chimneys get done  my clients have no experiance on that at all sadly miss hunter and i can see the pont  on not having  men left alone in a beautiful goddesses house haha

Huh. Well at least I know it’s not Martha Stewart then…


Autumn/Winter availability with Miss Hunter

The leaves are browning, the sky is grey (that’s not terribly particular to just autumn and winter though, let’s be honest. Hello UK!) and Aslan is on the move, or something.

As folks who attend/follow the Slayers parties will have seen, there is our final party of 2014 happening on October 30th. Following this date, my availability for any private/double sessions will be very limited until the end of the year.


(The above is a young man who came to see me for detention recently. His handwriting suffered due to my thrashing him with a plimsoll as he wrote the phrase. Shame.)

Anyone wishing to definitely see me in 2014 for detention/torture/interrogation/interrobang?!/scolding/scalding (maybe not) /general merciless teasing/sadism/sarcasm and/or surrealism over a delicious soundtrack, should get in touch ASAP to book in for my remaining October dates. Otherwise you may end up disappointed and sadly unscathed. How rubbish.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you