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Updated Website

I feel the subject perhaps says it all, but yes, I’ve finally updated Hello Miss Hunter a bit more.

Very much aware that I have many blog things to address – last year got awfully busy awfully fast, and as such things like “new blog” had to take a postponed back-seat. But hopefully things will pick up a little.

In the meantime – happy new year to everyone. I had a super time – we watched Strictly Come Spanking whilst nicely tipsy, and friends got engaged. Hurrah!

Yesterday I got back from Lucy and Paul’s “Welcome to England” party, which was a kink-friendly affair, and as such resulted in the legend that is Miss Hammond-Grant being summoned to join Matron in dealing with a class full of naughty drunk pupils. The highlight? Hand-tawsing of ultimate joy – whilst Lucy and I were doing our new party trick of simultaneous, synchronised hand-tawsing on Leia-Ann (taking one hand each – apparently Miss Hammond-Grant wasn’t holding back…) her classmates took sudden pity on her and asked if her final stroke could be donated as one each to all of them.

Naturally Lucy and I agreed straight away, and were then presented with the hottest sight ever – a semi-circle of girls (and boy) in school uniform, each holding out a hand towards us. Delicious.

So Happy New Year to us. And Welcome to England, sis – about bloody time! 😉

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  1. tim

    Amy happy new year from timxx

    January 11, 2012 at 6:22 pm

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