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Bear Feat.



This one’s not nearly as fun as Ready Meal, but this was the third time I’d received this particular one, and I know full well it had been sent to others, so I had to pen a quick reply:


Dear  Miss Hunter, 


I’m Interested in booking a foot worship session with you as I was instantly drawn to your beautiful pictures on your website. I will be driving in from Bournemouth for the session and therefore I would ask if it is at all possible for me to view a few more pictures of your bare feet beforehand? There seem to be only a few on your website and I would really like to see them before I make the booking. I’m sure they will be a reflection of the rest of your immaculate body and face, but due to previous bad experiences with other dom’s I would like to see a bit more beforehand. I hope this is OK as I am very keen to have a session with you.


Many thanks and kind regards




P.S what size shoe do you wear? 


Now. A few observations about the above:

  • You may not have been to my website, but this chancing knob-jockey states that he has.
    It’s not a huge site.
    I’m reasonably sure that if we gave a monkey a laptop, hammer and a hit of PCP, it could probably locate both the pictures of my bare feet, and my vital stats, in approximately 13 minutes. Granted, it would probably also hack into the Student Loans database and add Iain Duncan-Smith as a friend on Facebook, but these are the risks you take.

  • You may not have seen pictures that have my feet in. (I have to say, if you haven’t, you’ve probably not been following me much, but you might be blind or dead or something. One can never tell on the internet these days.) 
    I have a pretty distinctive tattoo covering the top of one foot, and a distinctive mole on the arch of the other. 
    This means that any pics of “my” feet are very likely to be mine.
    Unless I go about photoshopping pictures of my specific tattoo (bonus points for literary reference.) onto other people’s feet. 

  • I do like the extra space before “Miss Hunter” – it’s lovely that he made it slightly different to the last emails he sent. Copy & Paste to every domme who offers Foot Fetish must be awfully tiring. 
  • He’s supposedly had more than one bad experience involving a professional lady      getting her feet out for him to worship and it not being the feet he was expecting. I’m desperately hoping, in my bizarre sketch-writing mind, that she took her shoes off and one of those horrific spring jack-in-a-box things shot out towards him. That would be immense.

Sadly, as the bad experiences never actually happened, the pop-up horror also did not happen. 

Apart from in my head.


Which is part of the reason “Adam” actually got a swift reply this time. (The other reason was that I already have to sift through spam/fake messages, so really cannae be arsed with receiving the same one multiple times.)

Dear <insert name here>


Thank you for your email/s. 


It is truly flattering that you take the time to copy and paste the whole paragraph each time it is sent. 


Sadly I no longer have feet due to previous bad experiences with my extensive sword collection, so you will just have to make do with the myriad pictures available on The Internet.





<insert name here>




I should totally get that costume for sessions.

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