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Santa Subby

Santa Subby, kneel under the table by me, you’ll see…

Will you be a good boy, Santa Subby? Now open up your chimney tonight.

Santa Subby, a 54 stroke caning for you, it’s due…

Get that pecker up dear, Santa Subby, I’m stretching out your chimney tonight.

Think of how I’ve never missed. Think of all the other guys on whom I’ve pissed. Next year I’ll be pushing you, to open up and take my fist.

(doo doo bee doo)

Santa Subby, push out your bot; this spanking is not a lot. Far less than you deserve, Santa Subby. I’m thrusting down your chimney tonight.

Ain’t it funny? That little thing I really don’t need, you weed, even though it’s all mine, little subby, so watch me take a real cock tonight.

Santa Subby, straighten up my stocking seams next, I’ll check. I want perfect straight lines, Santa Subby, or else I’ll burn your chimney tonight.

Come and get over my knee. I’ll give you the spanking that you really need. I really do believe in you, but let’s see if you can really plead.

(doo doo bee doo)

Santa Subby, forgot to mention one little thing; your ring. Yes I mean your slut arse, Santa Subby, so open up that chimney tonight….



(due apologies to Eartha Kitt)






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