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Towards a new normal?

Well here we are, over a year since it all began, and things are a little different, aren’t they?

For starters, I’ve continued my fan site and POV clips, and plan to keep this going as it’s good fun and a very good way for people to support me from afar whilst still getting quality pictures and clips for their subscription.

If for some reason you’ve not checked it out yet, there are now nearly 1000 posts and a hundred clips there (several of which are automatically free to subscribers, and many others that can be purchased whether you are a free follower or a subscriber) – including a few real spanking ones!

Go and drink in all the content here.

That’s right, I’ve changed hair colour too!

And now, the latest news on real time sessions etc.

As detailed in my last post I’ve had to change a lot about where I session due to closures and transport, and who I’ll offer a meeting to/what content I can offer. Much of this will continue to apply initially, so it’s a good time to re-read the post at that link.

Since this post we have obviously had another extensive period of being locked down, and in that time I have also begun to work on the vaccination rollout, meaning my free time is much more precious and rare.

I plan to try and offer my handful of core regulars/supporters some session availability over the next couple of months, when my rare days off allow. (Currently looking like it’s one session available per 2-3 week period, so keep that in mind.)

Those who managed to see me in the summer of 2020 qualify here, and are welcome to register interest by the usual method.

In the meantime, join the fun at my fan site and engage with me there – a huge amount of visual and aural stimulation, and maybe even some future session ideas to get you in the mood when things do properly open up!

Follow me here!

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