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Instant Gratification

Or; why I don’t offer same-day sessions.


Excellent for deterring those pesky Neck Pigeons.

Look, I get it. I know it’s exciting and nerve-wracking, and that sometimes you suspect that if you don’t just get it done then and there, you’ll never do it.
Am I talking about tattoos? Actually no, but there’s certainly an analogy in there. I’m sure plenty of places like tattoo and piercing parlours have a similar level of “Hi can you see me today?” requests.

You might think that it’s “worth a shot” or “can’t hurt to ask”, but actually as a first timer sending me a line like the above just indicates to me that you haven’t thought this through at all, and, more importantly, you don’t care that:
a) it’s an experience with me, as you couldn’t care less who is smacking/shouting at you, you just want it from anybody and,
b) that perhaps, just perhaps, I want to actually enjoy said experience too.

The guys who write 1-2 line emails like the above are not going to lead to sessions I’m interested in. I have no desire to be the “you’ll do” for your impulse wank fantasy, and if you can’t even be bothered to write a paragraph about what sort of session it is that you are even interested in, you certainly do not deserve the level of detail, planning and energy I put in to my scenes.

I state on my website that I usually require 3-4 days’ notice for bookings. This is an estimation, and sometimes that notice can be stretched to as little as 24 hours. Same day? No.


Well for starters because that is how I do things. Which should be the end of that explanation, but things on the internet often need spelling out a little more. So…

) I don’t live in a venue. Nor do I work from home. The various places I do offer sessions from are all studios, rooms or dungeons that I pay to hire, chosen for their suitability to each enquiry. They also all have their own calendars to juggle, meaning that not only is it harder to shoehorn additional bookings in with no notice, but it’s also a bit disrespectful to the owners of the venues. You give me notice, which gives them notice. Everyone’s feeling more relaxed.

2) I have a full and busy life outside of creating and running scenes and parties. Which means I don’t just sit around in a venue all day waiting for the phone to go. That would also be creepy due to point 1).

3) I need to plan. Just because you’ve said that it’s going to be  a “standard school-theme session/usual headmistress stuff” doesn’t mean that I’m going to just autopilot from cold. Even the sessions in which I’m requested to be dressed casually (not yet had one asking for me in sweatpants or a onesie, mind…) and be super informal are still thought through. I need to know someone’s previous experiences/current expectations, and be in the most receptive headspace to read the reactions and body language of whoever I’m playing with so that I can deliver the optimal experience that I am known for. So much of what I do that is devastating to you is non-physical, and without sounding like a total wanker, it’s actually quite full-on both emotionally and physically for me. I’ll usually be pretty  damn tired after a few hours of play, no matter how exhilarating it was. It’s not a bad thing, obviously, but it’s something I’d love more people to bear in mind.

4) Anticipation is a cruel and wonderful thing. I love knowing that the person I’m going to be playing with is having to have at least one night’s sleep with the tingling, inexorable awareness in the back of their mind that an intense, and possibly terrifying, experience is going to happen. Even if someone doesn’t directly dream about the upcoming session, the trepidation starts a chemical reaction in the body that just isn’t there for something last minute. Too subtle for some, maybe, but the devil is in the detail, as they say.

5) This list shouldn’t need to be this long, so just respect my time and energy, and reap the eventual endorphin reward, smug in the knowledge that I had a fun/satisfying time too.

Scotland Sessions!

It’s been a while since I offered any sessions over the border; truth be told, I tend to get a larger number of time-wasters than genuine enquiries whenever I decide I’ll make myself available for the auld hometown. I have no idea why, but it’s a touch off-putting, as I’m sure you can imagine!

As such, I am offering very limited spaces in Glasgow AND Edinburgh this trip, all in proper,  discrete dungeon/fetish venues.
An advanced, deductible deposit will be required to secure your session. 


I will be able to cater for those in need of a good spanking/tawsing/caning, as well as the foot fetish fans, face-sitting seekers, and in fact all activities listed on my website. If you are unsure whether your particular fantasy or play preference is an option, and it isn’t listed on the “No” list on my site, then drop me a line.


Glasgow I will have some time on the 14th and the 19th of AUGUST

Edinburgh I will have time on the 16th, 17th and 18th, and possibly the 8th AUGUST (if you REALLY pique my sadistic and creative interests!)

Go to my website, have a good browse, and then get in touch if you’d like to experience some Hunter!


Festive Filth: Availability

A quick update on my London availability over the Festive season:


I will be sessioning up to and including Christmas Eve (22nd-24th morning/early lunch sessions only)

Christmas Day off.

Boxing Day and 27th late morning only, then that’s it until the New Year!

The Christmas Slayers party on December 16th still has a cancellation space: some serious FemDom CP with some amazing ladies! Sarah Stern from English Spankers and my sister Lucy McLean, as well as myself and Jadie Reece.

Ms Hammond-Grant, my secretary at Murdoch Academy is arranging detention sessions for those wanting to go into their Christmas Holiday with a Roasting Bottom.

Short Sharp Shock sessions!

When I introduced these sessions last year, they were immediately very popular.

30 minute, “No Nonsense” sessions – perfect for folk who don’t have much time to get away, or who’d rather skip straight to the action.

They’re designed mainly for CP and spanking, and in this format are perfect as a detention style punishment: the time is arranged, the scene is already set and discussed beforehand, you arrive, hand me your punishment slip or form, and we proceed.

The shorter length also makes them ideal for ball-busting and CBT – sometimes a whole hour seems a bit too much for crotch-warfare, and it’s also perfect as a taster session for this.

I will also offer covered face-sitting/knicker/bottom worship and foot fetish in these sessions, due to popular demand the last time I offered them.

They take place in my domestic venue and I have varying times available both day and evening just now, so email to discuss.

info @


Bear Feat.



This one’s not nearly as fun as Ready Meal, but this was the third time I’d received this particular one, and I know full well it had been sent to others, so I had to pen a quick reply:


Dear  Miss Hunter, 


I’m Interested in booking a foot worship session with you as I was instantly drawn to your beautiful pictures on your website. I will be driving in from Bournemouth for the session and therefore I would ask if it is at all possible for me to view a few more pictures of your bare feet beforehand? There seem to be only a few on your website and I would really like to see them before I make the booking. I’m sure they will be a reflection of the rest of your immaculate body and face, but due to previous bad experiences with other dom’s I would like to see a bit more beforehand. I hope this is OK as I am very keen to have a session with you.


Many thanks and kind regards




P.S what size shoe do you wear? 


Now. A few observations about the above:

  • You may not have been to my website, but this chancing knob-jockey states that he has.
    It’s not a huge site.
    I’m reasonably sure that if we gave a monkey a laptop, hammer and a hit of PCP, it could probably locate both the pictures of my bare feet, and my vital stats, in approximately 13 minutes. Granted, it would probably also hack into the Student Loans database and add Iain Duncan-Smith as a friend on Facebook, but these are the risks you take.

  • You may not have seen pictures that have my feet in. (I have to say, if you haven’t, you’ve probably not been following me much, but you might be blind or dead or something. One can never tell on the internet these days.) 
    I have a pretty distinctive tattoo covering the top of one foot, and a distinctive mole on the arch of the other. 
    This means that any pics of “my” feet are very likely to be mine.
    Unless I go about photoshopping pictures of my specific tattoo (bonus points for literary reference.) onto other people’s feet. 

  • I do like the extra space before “Miss Hunter” – it’s lovely that he made it slightly different to the last emails he sent. Copy & Paste to every domme who offers Foot Fetish must be awfully tiring. 
  • He’s supposedly had more than one bad experience involving a professional lady      getting her feet out for him to worship and it not being the feet he was expecting. I’m desperately hoping, in my bizarre sketch-writing mind, that she took her shoes off and one of those horrific spring jack-in-a-box things shot out towards him. That would be immense.

Sadly, as the bad experiences never actually happened, the pop-up horror also did not happen. 

Apart from in my head.


Which is part of the reason “Adam” actually got a swift reply this time. (The other reason was that I already have to sift through spam/fake messages, so really cannae be arsed with receiving the same one multiple times.)

Dear <insert name here>


Thank you for your email/s. 


It is truly flattering that you take the time to copy and paste the whole paragraph each time it is sent. 


Sadly I no longer have feet due to previous bad experiences with my extensive sword collection, so you will just have to make do with the myriad pictures available on The Internet.





<insert name here>




I should totally get that costume for sessions.

Bird’s Eye

Well, you’ve not had a post for a wee while. I’ve been exceptionally busy, and not always with kink stuff.
Thankfully I’ve had a veritable smorgasbord of fetish fun to keep me chipper – apologies if I wasn’t able to fit in everyone that wished to see me, but that’s how it goes in the Life of Hunter.

Here’s a pic of the kind of view a couple of very fortunate foot fans caught a glimpse of, shortly before my feet invaded their faces. Why yes, I did stand over my iPad to do this. I am nothing if not bizarrely inventive and highly skilled with my toes.