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Scotland Sessions!

It’s been a while since I offered any sessions over the border; truth be told, I tend to get a larger number of time-wasters than genuine enquiries whenever I decide I’ll make myself available for the auld hometown. I have no idea why, but it’s a touch off-putting, as I’m sure you can imagine!

As such, I am offering very limited spaces in Glasgow AND Edinburgh this trip, all in proper,  discrete dungeon/fetish venues.
An advanced, deductible deposit will be required to secure your session. 


I will be able to cater for those in need of a good spanking/tawsing/caning, as well as the foot fetish fans, face-sitting seekers, and in fact all activities listed on my website. If you are unsure whether your particular fantasy or play preference is an option, and it isn’t listed on the “No” list on my site, then drop me a line.


Glasgow I will have some time on the 14th and the 19th of AUGUST

Edinburgh I will have time on the 16th, 17th and 18th, and possibly the 8th AUGUST (if you REALLY pique my sadistic and creative interests!)

Go to my website, have a good browse, and then get in touch if you’d like to experience some Hunter!


Preview for Held Responsible – new leather fetish film

As promised, here’s a couple of pictures from my latest film with the brilliant Femme Fatale Films.

For the trailer and more pics, just click on the pics to take you there.






I know – I like to smile when hurting people. Some say that means I’m not taking it very seriously. I say it makes the sadism all the more real.

I do like how the bottom shot is basically just using the battered (I hasten to point out the extensive bruises on him in this film are not from me. I do add to them by striping his arse up in my next film to be released though) young man as a kind of chaise longue. 

Hope you enjoy them and the film! 



Another Glasgow trip is on the cards – I will have availability on the 19th of January this time – get in touch pronto if you’re interested!

Check my website for ideas of session content. 


Here’s a cheeky new picture of me being all femme fatale. Which is appropriate, given my new video on Femme Fatale Films! Check out the info for thigh high boots and leather galore. I’ll have some proper preview pics soon hopefully too, to share with you.