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…The monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on…



It’s a funny one, how some fetishes and fantasies suddenly appear or evolve. So much of the time we’re used to the idea that our particular kinks have been a base material of our entire being since childhood, and we can see particular incidents or memories that have founded this need within us.

I don’t recall having had a big thing for the whole Cuckold fantasy prior to the last year or two, however. It’s been something that’s crept up in, somewhat Iago-esque in my brain, which the nerd in me does very much appreciate. (Hence the post title)

When we get down to it, I suppose the thing that really gets me hot under the collar for it is the cocktail of power, denial, and teasing.

I had such a hot session a couple of years ago with a young man who wanted me to verbally “cuckold” him during a longer discipline scenario. At the time I was confident I had the verbal skills to do so (they are renowned for a good reason) but was concerned I might not connect viscerally to the concept, as it wasn’t then a fetish of mine.

As I started describing in vivid, explicit detail just how the rival’s cock would stretch me, and examining my victim’s own cock to extensively lament how it would never get anywhere near me once I’d been fucked by a real man, so we may as well just cage it; I started to get particularly turned on.

It was the start of a whole new theme of fantasy for me, and oh boy, has my brain enjoyed itself with exploring ideas…
Forced bi elements like the sub having to get the rival’s cock hard and ready, bondage elements including the sub being restrained in a body bag as part of the bed, and even lesbian cuckolding – where myself and a lady crush enjoy each other’s bodies as only women can, finishing in me fucking the other woman with a strap-on inches away from an immobilised, desperate man’s face.


My (current) particular favourite though is the slave who so desperately desires me, always drinking in my image as he kneels by me, in collar and chain; never allowed more than a few kisses on my gorgeous bottom through my lace panties, but always dreaming of the day those panties are gone.

One day, after some prolonged leg and bottom worship, I hitch my tight dress a little and slowly slide down my panties, holding his eye contact the whole time. Perhaps finally this is the time! When I beckon in the Alpha Male, the slave begins to realise his fate. Stripped and collared, I hold slave’s cock in my hand and, smiling, merely shake my head. No no, that will never be good enough for me. Silly boy. Let’s have a look at what a real man’s cock is like…

The Alpha Male is being barely contained by his jeans, so my red nails reach out and slowly unzip, letting the slave see my reaction as the hard, huge cock is revealed, a wicked, wanton smile spreading across my face.
Now this is more like it. This is what I want. What I desire. You want me to be happy, right? 

Slave’s leash is tied to the headboard of the bed and those worn panties are slipped into his leather hood, held fast against his greedy mouth and nose to inhale, whilst his vision is obscured to little more than pinpricks. Tiny, fleeting snapshots of flesh and lust as he hears in excruciating detail the hiss of zippers and throat-caught gasps of passion, the slick wet sounds of tongues and touches, and then the squeak of a bedspring and a tense pause, before the unmistakeable groan of Mistress being slowly entered by that Alpha cock.

Maybe the fucking is only for mere minutes. To the slave, being forced to listen, it feels like hours. With limited sight, every other sense is on edge, and the hot, almost petrichor scent of sex quickly infiltrates past the lace panties. Listening to the Mistress he longs for crying out her pleasure is both a torture and a strange thrill…


Perhaps these will never happen. That’s the unpredictable fun of our kinky games, I guess – sometimes specific fantasies have to stay in the mind.  I’ll continue to enjoy thinking about them very much, though.






Instant Gratification

Or; why I don’t offer same-day sessions.


Excellent for deterring those pesky Neck Pigeons.

Look, I get it. I know it’s exciting and nerve-wracking, and that sometimes you suspect that if you don’t just get it done then and there, you’ll never do it.
Am I talking about tattoos? Actually no, but there’s certainly an analogy in there. I’m sure plenty of places like tattoo and piercing parlours have a similar level of “Hi can you see me today?” requests.

You might think that it’s “worth a shot” or “can’t hurt to ask”, but actually as a first timer sending me a line like the above just indicates to me that you haven’t thought this through at all, and, more importantly, you don’t care that:
a) it’s an experience with me, as you couldn’t care less who is smacking/shouting at you, you just want it from anybody and,
b) that perhaps, just perhaps, I want to actually enjoy said experience too.

The guys who write 1-2 line emails like the above are not going to lead to sessions I’m interested in. I have no desire to be the “you’ll do” for your impulse wank fantasy, and if you can’t even be bothered to write a paragraph about what sort of session it is that you are even interested in, you certainly do not deserve the level of detail, planning and energy I put in to my scenes.

I state on my website that I usually require 3-4 days’ notice for bookings. This is an estimation, and sometimes that notice can be stretched to as little as 24 hours. Same day? No.


Well for starters because that is how I do things. Which should be the end of that explanation, but things on the internet often need spelling out a little more. So…

) I don’t live in a venue. Nor do I work from home. The various places I do offer sessions from are all studios, rooms or dungeons that I pay to hire, chosen for their suitability to each enquiry. They also all have their own calendars to juggle, meaning that not only is it harder to shoehorn additional bookings in with no notice, but it’s also a bit disrespectful to the owners of the venues. You give me notice, which gives them notice. Everyone’s feeling more relaxed.

2) I have a full and busy life outside of creating and running scenes and parties. Which means I don’t just sit around in a venue all day waiting for the phone to go. That would also be creepy due to point 1).

3) I need to plan. Just because you’ve said that it’s going to be  a “standard school-theme session/usual headmistress stuff” doesn’t mean that I’m going to just autopilot from cold. Even the sessions in which I’m requested to be dressed casually (not yet had one asking for me in sweatpants or a onesie, mind…) and be super informal are still thought through. I need to know someone’s previous experiences/current expectations, and be in the most receptive headspace to read the reactions and body language of whoever I’m playing with so that I can deliver the optimal experience that I am known for. So much of what I do that is devastating to you is non-physical, and without sounding like a total wanker, it’s actually quite full-on both emotionally and physically for me. I’ll usually be pretty  damn tired after a few hours of play, no matter how exhilarating it was. It’s not a bad thing, obviously, but it’s something I’d love more people to bear in mind.

4) Anticipation is a cruel and wonderful thing. I love knowing that the person I’m going to be playing with is having to have at least one night’s sleep with the tingling, inexorable awareness in the back of their mind that an intense, and possibly terrifying, experience is going to happen. Even if someone doesn’t directly dream about the upcoming session, the trepidation starts a chemical reaction in the body that just isn’t there for something last minute. Too subtle for some, maybe, but the devil is in the detail, as they say.

5) This list shouldn’t need to be this long, so just respect my time and energy, and reap the eventual endorphin reward, smug in the knowledge that I had a fun/satisfying time too.

Electric Avenue

Obviously by “avenue” I mean THAT avenue. Yes, behind you. Now bend over.


Regular Twitter readers will know that I’ve been doing a lot more Electric Play recently, and am really loving it. Per this short video clip of me laughing heartily at a man I’m electrocuting.

Electrics does seem to be one of those play areas that people often avoid or back off from trying. I’d suspect it’s got much to do with the fact that you are dealing with an invisible force, and one that you’ve grown up learning to revere and fear. Then factor in the whole filmic stereotype of “Car Battery Interrogation Torture” and you’ve got yourself something that is already sounding quite dangerous.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that it’s really not advisable to attempt it as a DIY Kink project. I do not want to see some tabloid report about firemen having to rescue a naked dude covered in butter, sticking a sword in the toaster.

I have to admit, even as someone who’s been in the lifestyle and professional scene for almost 15 years, I took years to even contemplate trying out Electrics as a device for play. Granted, much of that reticence was more that the first 8 years at least I was almost solely a Disciplinarian and CP Specialist, and with most of my play scenes and sessions then having a domestic setting, things like electrics never really entered in to it.)

There was also the issue that I’d never tried it myself.

I feel it’s really important for a top to know what the thing they’re doing to a person feels like, or at least can have an approximation of what it feels like if they’re lacking the exact same body parts that are having said experience.
Obviously I am acutely aware of how all spanking implements feel, how bondage feels, how interrogation feels, how pegs and pinwheels and everything else feel – because I used to play a great deal with them back in the dark mists of time when I switched. But I’d never tried electrics, and once I stopped switching, it seemed even less likely.

Then, a few years ago, I got my own Electrastim set. And, one morning in my lounge, I sat down in my knickers and wired myself up in varying ways.
Mr Hunter walked in to find me running an electric pinwheel down my thigh and hissing “Ah, you little bastard!” as I turned the dial up. He didn’t stay in the room much longer…

What does it feel like? Well that’s a fun exercise in descriptions! Considering it’s something you can’t see …(unless it’s a Violet Wand, in which case it’s awfully pretty..)

I’d say it’s a broadly penetrative sensation. Depending on the charge going through and what attachments you’re using it can vary from tingly, to vibrating, to a deep, incontrollable squeeze feeling. The Violet wand is more of a tickle through to a strong flick.
With the pinwheel attachment on the E-stim, it’s almost like a slicing feeling – like a scalpel cut – which makes it amazing for intense sessions where someone wants to genuinely feel like they’ve been cut open or castrated/circumcised. Add some appropriate props and a blindfold and you have all the makings of a terrifying, mind-bending scene. Much recommended from my perspective!

With the sticky pads attached to both ends, you can run the current between them with some wicked effects – isolate a muscle, or, my personal favourite, apply a pad each side of the groin, meaning that the current flows across the genital area – it’s an incredible way to give the feeling of invasion or being overwhelmed by an invisible force, and is especially effective when the subject is restrained and blindfolded, as the mind runs away with the possibilities of what on earth the unusual sensation is. You can even make it seem like there’s more than one person touching the victim with pads. Great for a proper and thorough head-fuck!

There’s really not enough room to write about what all the different attachments feel like, but the very best thing about Electric Play, in my opinion, is that for the same level of pain you’d get with physical contact such as spanking or knife play, you come away with no marking. Perfect for many types of player, especially the ones who need to keep things secret. Plus there’s no downtime between sessions; you can ramp it straight back up again. And the sheer versatility is amazing. I’m really hoping to get a few more attachments to add to my collection.

Come and try an introductory session with me and discover Electricity for yourself. I promise not to reenact Back To The Future whilst I have your genitals hooked up. (Unless you ask me to, and then I will make it weird and probably call you Marty, and shout random film quotes at you whilst playing the soundtrack. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

If you want to try it for yourself, I hugely recommend Electrastim – I don’t have that exact model, but it’s very similar, and comes with all you need. If you already have one of the boxes and want to try the pinwheel out, you can either use a uni polar pinwheel with the second connection attached to one of these pads (which are massively useful in general for e-stim play. You’ll get through them.) or you can get the bi-polar pinwheel that takes both plugs.
I sometimes use conductive gel for things like the pinwheels – to be honest I’ve made my own before as well, which works just as well, but if you like your kink to be super swish then it’s definitely worth getting some.

As a standard online cautionary note, I have to point out that Electric Play should be avoided if you have Epilepsy or a Pacemaker, and that you should generally keep its use to below the waist, especially when you’re starting out.
Bi-Polar items/Violet Wands are generally ok to take all over the body, but uni polar can quite easily be accidentally taken across the heart due to the electricity taking the shortest path between the two points – so if you were holding the conductive end of the pinwheel and picked up the pad or ring you’d attached the other plug to, you can see how it might end up taking that route up the arms and straight across the torso. Get into the habit of switching the box off before you replace a pad or fixed point. Or get some professional guidance!


VIOLATE – Pegging / Strap on Extravaganza!

Chaps who are seeking the ULTIMATE in debauched rogering by 5 ladies are in for one hell of an exclusive treat.

Violate Banner to hotlink

Raven-haired beauties Mistress Absolute and Goddess Cleo are running this as a joint promo, and are joined by Amazonian Miss Mighty and legendary strap-on specialist Ms Tytania   – (and ME! )- for some serious tag-team action.

4 guys. 4 slings. 5 ladies. LOADS of cocks. Onslaught of ass-violation!


This event will be in LONDON on the 24th of August, and there are 3 times to choose from:

2.30pm / 4.30pm / 7pm

Strictly limited to 4 guys per time slot, and a really incredible opportunity to explore the depths of your… depravity!



Festive Filth: Availability

A quick update on my London availability over the Festive season:


I will be sessioning up to and including Christmas Eve (22nd-24th morning/early lunch sessions only)

Christmas Day off.

Boxing Day and 27th late morning only, then that’s it until the New Year!

The Christmas Slayers party on December 16th still has a cancellation space: some serious FemDom CP with some amazing ladies! Sarah Stern from English Spankers and my sister Lucy McLean, as well as myself and Jadie Reece.

Ms Hammond-Grant, my secretary at Murdoch Academy is arranging detention sessions for those wanting to go into their Christmas Holiday with a Roasting Bottom.

Slayers Party News

So, as many of you will know, I’ve had a veritable nightmare setting up the next Slayers FemDom CP Party.
Our second venue closed a couple of days before the party was due, which didn’t give me enough time to arrange an alternative that would be safe, accepting, and suitable, so I had to cancel. Boo hiss.
Aleesha Fox at Slayers

After a couple of weeks of emails and site visits, I’m delighted to say we have somewhere new, that is still Central London, zone 1 (just a few minutes’ walk from Angel tube station) and that you’ll be able to BYOB to should you wish to have a glass of wine or a beer for Dutch Courage prior to being set-upon by the Slayers.

So – the next party is going to be Tuesday, July 22nd, 12:30pm. Slayer ladies will be Miss Brown, Miss Aleesha Fox, and our new German lady, Ms Krieger.

For more info about the parties, see the website, or have a look on the Fetlife Group for previous party pics.
When I contacted the original guys booked in for the June party and asked about dates, it was between two days that week – the 22nd, and the Friday 25th. Obviously not everyone could do each, and I had to go with the majority for booking the actual venue.

This did mean though that I’d suggested the 25th to our much-loved Miss Jadie Reece, and so as there were clearly a few people available that day as well, there is going to be a smaller party – similar style to Slayers, but a slightly different format – featuring Miss Jadie and myself, in the large domestic venue in Hayes, west London, close to Hayes & Harlington Station (zone 5, 20 minutes from London Paddington). So that’s July 25th, 1pm.
For enquiries about either party, and to book, email me on party @

The Beautiful People

Hello Miss. Hunter,

I have a question, do you think any of your clients would pay good money to see two good-looking people together?

I’m a young guy in my early twenties and I often get complimented about my looks, but as I’m sure you already know good looks alone don’t bring money in the bank!

I find myself in a situation where I need more finance, so I thought maybe I could use what God gave me, to my advantage.  

I understand you chose a profession and I respect it totally. The way I see it is many women do it indirectly, your just completely honest about it.

I was wondering if I could make sum income in a similar way? Nothing gay though.

Thank you for your reading this short message and I apologize if I wasted your time.

Have a lovely evening,



I’m actually not completely sure what this nut-sack is asking, it’s that level of garbage. 

This one didn’t warrant or receive a reply, but I’d alluded to the sheer cockbagishness on Twitter and it’s too long to put the whole work of beauty on there, so here it is. 


Bear Feat.



This one’s not nearly as fun as Ready Meal, but this was the third time I’d received this particular one, and I know full well it had been sent to others, so I had to pen a quick reply:


Dear  Miss Hunter, 


I’m Interested in booking a foot worship session with you as I was instantly drawn to your beautiful pictures on your website. I will be driving in from Bournemouth for the session and therefore I would ask if it is at all possible for me to view a few more pictures of your bare feet beforehand? There seem to be only a few on your website and I would really like to see them before I make the booking. I’m sure they will be a reflection of the rest of your immaculate body and face, but due to previous bad experiences with other dom’s I would like to see a bit more beforehand. I hope this is OK as I am very keen to have a session with you.


Many thanks and kind regards




P.S what size shoe do you wear? 


Now. A few observations about the above:

  • You may not have been to my website, but this chancing knob-jockey states that he has.
    It’s not a huge site.
    I’m reasonably sure that if we gave a monkey a laptop, hammer and a hit of PCP, it could probably locate both the pictures of my bare feet, and my vital stats, in approximately 13 minutes. Granted, it would probably also hack into the Student Loans database and add Iain Duncan-Smith as a friend on Facebook, but these are the risks you take.

  • You may not have seen pictures that have my feet in. (I have to say, if you haven’t, you’ve probably not been following me much, but you might be blind or dead or something. One can never tell on the internet these days.) 
    I have a pretty distinctive tattoo covering the top of one foot, and a distinctive mole on the arch of the other. 
    This means that any pics of “my” feet are very likely to be mine.
    Unless I go about photoshopping pictures of my specific tattoo (bonus points for literary reference.) onto other people’s feet. 

  • I do like the extra space before “Miss Hunter” – it’s lovely that he made it slightly different to the last emails he sent. Copy & Paste to every domme who offers Foot Fetish must be awfully tiring. 
  • He’s supposedly had more than one bad experience involving a professional lady      getting her feet out for him to worship and it not being the feet he was expecting. I’m desperately hoping, in my bizarre sketch-writing mind, that she took her shoes off and one of those horrific spring jack-in-a-box things shot out towards him. That would be immense.

Sadly, as the bad experiences never actually happened, the pop-up horror also did not happen. 

Apart from in my head.


Which is part of the reason “Adam” actually got a swift reply this time. (The other reason was that I already have to sift through spam/fake messages, so really cannae be arsed with receiving the same one multiple times.)

Dear <insert name here>


Thank you for your email/s. 


It is truly flattering that you take the time to copy and paste the whole paragraph each time it is sent. 


Sadly I no longer have feet due to previous bad experiences with my extensive sword collection, so you will just have to make do with the myriad pictures available on The Internet.





<insert name here>




I should totally get that costume for sessions.