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Festive Filth: Availability

A quick update on my London availability over the Festive season:


I will be sessioning up to and including Christmas Eve (22nd-24th morning/early lunch sessions only)

Christmas Day off.

Boxing Day and 27th late morning only, then that’s it until the New Year!

The Christmas Slayers party on December 16th still has a cancellation space: some serious FemDom CP with some amazing ladies! Sarah Stern from English Spankers and my sister Lucy McLean, as well as myself and Jadie Reece.

Ms Hammond-Grant, my secretary at Murdoch Academy is arranging detention sessions for those wanting to go into their Christmas Holiday with a Roasting Bottom.

Awesome Autumn Action!

Season of Mist(resse)s and mellow fruitfulness!

(sorry, Keats. I do love you really.)

Yes, the nights are drawing in again, and we’re all digging out the winter warmers. Thankfully my right arm is more than ready to dish out some seriously hard spanking to heat your deserving behinds up!

Firstly, Slayers news: as I limit these parties to 9 gents maximum, they do tend to get booked up. Our September 16th party with Spanking Sarah, Katerina Krieger and Rebekka Raynor is full (although you are welcome to go on the waiting list!) but as several chaps missed the beatings boat, I took pity and added an EXTRA DATE with a different line up of ladies, on Thursday October 22nd. The infamous HUNTERESS will attend this party, along with the brilliant and sexy Jadie Reece – this is what she treated us to at the last party!


Booking is now open for the October party, so get in quickly to take advantage of this treat!

Visit the site (not updated with the October info yet) to book in!

Second news: my last Glasgow trip had to be postponed, so I will now be there on SEPTEMBER 30th only, for very limited sessions. Apply ASAP: a deductible deposit will be required to secure a booking due to a number of previous timewasters.

See my website as usual for FAQ, full info, and genuine, recent reviews.


Autumn/Winter availability with Miss Hunter

The leaves are browning, the sky is grey (that’s not terribly particular to just autumn and winter though, let’s be honest. Hello UK!) and Aslan is on the move, or something.

As folks who attend/follow the Slayers parties will have seen, there is our final party of 2014 happening on October 30th. Following this date, my availability for any private/double sessions will be very limited until the end of the year.


(The above is a young man who came to see me for detention recently. His handwriting suffered due to my thrashing him with a plimsoll as he wrote the phrase. Shame.)

Anyone wishing to definitely see me in 2014 for detention/torture/interrogation/interrobang?!/scolding/scalding (maybe not) /general merciless teasing/sadism/sarcasm and/or surrealism over a delicious soundtrack, should get in touch ASAP to book in for my remaining October dates. Otherwise you may end up disappointed and sadly unscathed. How rubbish.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you


Donna’s Party!

Many of you who have been around on the “scene” in the last *cough* at least a decade *cough* will at some point have met or seen the amazing Dynamo that is Donna.

She was booked to appear at one of my Slayers parties a couple of months ago, as her ability to beat up blokes is absolutely tremendous, but was sadly forced to pull out a few days before due to a recurrence of her ill health, which is now rendering her unable to work whilst she has yet more treatment to kick its ass. (Once she’s back to full strength we’ll be wasting no time getting her in, no doubt about that.)

Naturally, the Spanking Scene has, yet again, Not Been A Dick, and a few party organisers have gotten together to arrange a huge party where all proceeds will go to Donna to support her.

This is a switch spanking party, with LOADS of spankee girls and ladies, (most of whom switch, if you’re a chap who just likes to be on the receiving end) and evil appearances from dommes such as Mistress Ava, Mistress Cordelia, and myself. As it’s running under the lively banner of the 2Kings parties you can probably expect to see a stripper or two as well. 😉
All the ladies are appearing for no fee. There will also be a raffle with prizes including sessions with some of the ladies, venue hire, and equipment – you can support this if you can’t make the party as well, via the 2kings website.

It’ll take place in Stoke Newington on July 29th – next Tuesday! – at 6pm. If you can find me amid the hoards, I’ll be brandishing my tawses and looking for hands to tap. 😉

More info at